19 Sep

Just walked out of the main building, literally feel walking on air!

Nothing, i mean nothing would surpass being helpful for someone in need, I was lucky enough to calm down a panicking blind man in search for his lost passport, which means no accommodation for the night, no Uni ID for the day, besides u can’t think of a worst scenario other than loosing your passport upon arrival. A lovely little Chinese girl struggling with language busted in tears trying to explain the situation with her lost luggages. Oh man! I can relate to every single fresher of those.. being terrified, shy and feeling a total loner.

1st of April, I was embraced by this lovely city and lots of its amazing people. Today, I tried to pay it off. This is not the end of the volunteering story. It has not started yet 🙂 Cheers 🙂



13 Sep

This rest place is solely created to keep reminding myself how good and I kind I am, hence should be kind to myself in the first place.

Remember your little dreams, walk towards them:

PhD: you will get it. (just focus on the deliverables.)

Conferences: Attend the first, you will shine at the rest.

Languages: You are just fine, perfect your English, French and start the Spanish.

Training: PDC, the diploma (100 hours of voluntary work)

Remember the exhibition,publications.

Learn new skills: photography, belly dance,

Make sweet memories along the way.




To great starts everyone<3

13 Sep

You all, from now I am a morning person! (and I thought mornings are boring all my life.. oh snap!)

I was supposed to attend an early training for voluntary works but it turned out that I gotta join next week since the places are completely full, so I went all the way to my favorite place and will show you in a second how it looks like.

Morning office work

Will I give up on the training thing? huh NO madam, I’ll try to find a way out and I’m sure I got many 🙂 I forgot all about my bank appointment at 11 😀 Now I have to reschedule that for the next week. what’s wrong with you girl!

Now, gotta stick to work and to a hard working buddy. Cheers!