6 Nov

Sorry for the utter silence last few days. It was full of milestones & yet a bit more.

Gotta focus:

  1. Complete Review, did corrections, edit the whole document, check references. Wednesday & Thursday.
  2. Prepare for the discussion (the same used in image competition)
  3. Photo session for the competition (e-mail dr about two images)
  4. Did the coursework for the Espanol on Friday @6:30
  5. Gotta: attend classes in DA (contact them about lockers)

Wednesday: Course 10-5 –Edit

Thursday: Edit. Spanish. Photography

Friday: 3 writing session. 6:30 course work.

Saturday: Edit. Warwick abstract.

Sunday: Edit

Monday: Edit

Tuesday: Course 9;12. Edit. Spanish.

Now, I’m all comitted and it will go smoothly inshalla.


Till when!

27 Oct

One freezing night over here.. mind and all my thoughts are conspiring against me. Bringing back old faces, old voices, places and big times. Questioning me how life would look like in a different place, different people, different everything. Would I be the same? Would i be happier? would life be tougher? lots of what ifs like my mind can hold all of this by only the lonely me..

Dwelling into old thoughts might not be that helping, however, reviving old vivid images and  sweet/ugly voices (doesn’t matter) restore my sense of moving forward selfhood.

Got to tell you this, it is not a sad, cold night after all. All you need sometimes is someone patting on your back & kissing your forehead.

Moving forward, getting tough

19 Oct

A new mile-stone achieved today, I feel so much better especially after taking few steps forward. Sometimes this sense of anxiety is simply evoked by the little things that worry us a bit but we would rather not confront them in the light. I was a bit confused about sth my supervisor has said. Have I done anything about it? No, I crawled into my dark shell refusing to confront this little tiny thing. Today I did. And oh it feels so much better.

I could have stayed home, rest my acing back, or get a decent meal after being sleep-deprived for a week. I could have chicken out not to face the day. I did the opposite. I’m moving out of my zone and that is the bravest thing anyone could do.

I met Zen, David, and the awesome librarians. I booked a new locker and request an amazon voucher. I am happy about my week.