To Abeda :)

28 Jan

(A letter I wrote @ one Ramadani Night)
Hope u r well physically & otherwise. U don’t worry, I’ve read that the weather will be nicer the other half of Ramadan. Here it has been raining all the magreeb long, can u imagine!
Regarding the book, u thank nothing of it; I was actually so embarrassed because I thought it would be easy to collect the information I needed. I was lost among the various editions I founded. But thank Allah, I trust the opinion of those people I’ve consulted. All I want 2 remind u of, don’t rush 2 buy the book if u dislike anything about it. This is a very special gift, and we should do the best in order to make it so.. I think presenting a Hadith Book as an Eid gift is an excellent choice..
Thanks 4 the invitation, very kind of u. I wish I could make it but here we have visitors each day of Ramadan. I won’t forget u on Eftar prayers that day; this way we can be together spiritually 
By the way, I like the Hadiths’ idea.. very thoughtful…
There’s a Hadith that suggests that whoever inspires someone to do something good, has the same Ajer… Just think how many Ajers u have by now..
Wish u the best of all the best.. be always safe..
Fei Aman Allah always


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