Not Santa Gift this Time :D

28 Jul

(A part of a letter 2 a freind)
Regarding your secret gift, I have the following information:
There’re so many different editions, some are out of the market. I looked up for the famous versions, but didn’t find any translation for them. But there’s one that was recommended over and over for me:
It’s a 9 Volumes book. The publisher is Dar Alsalam. The translator is Dr. Mohammad Khan. The Arabic Hadith is followed with an explanation and additional material n English. The price is I think 270 S. R or so.
If u face any difficulty with the multi-volume book, u can start with a simplified, brief, and well-covered book that costs only 50 S. R. It contains the same content but with briefness. Such a book is suitable 4 those n a road or a trip cuz it’s easy 2 carry+ covers up the main areas. I’ve always believed that reading and applying is a smart idea. This way all the senses work hand n hand with the mind. For instance, u can have full focus on one Hadith, memorize it by heart, and apply it practically for that day. And u move one from one Hadith to another. This way, u won’t forget what u read.
I looked up for the book n different book stores & what a surprise: It is available in Jarir Book Store n —— neighborhood. Just n case if it’s not available there, go to the Jarir branch n Hayat Mall ( King Abdullah Street across King Abdul Aziz Street.)
If u find any difficulty in the Book Store, u can call me via mobile
Wish u all the best
Sallam 2 my little buddies; Eisa and Amal
! ❤ U


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