Ramadan z comin <3

28 Jul

Here I reveal a part of a personal letter 2 a dear freind of mine named Aneda (A lawyer nd a mother, most of all a British Muslim)

It’s such a nice feeling to hear from u again and 2 know about ur upcoming plans.. May Allah bless ur days with joy and light
For me, I’d such hectic days because of my computer.. but thank Allah everything seems settled by now.
See, this is one of Ramadan blessings. Ramadan is a peaceful month. Everything seems n peace with everything.. me with school, for instance.
I got 2 tell u something funny but Real. It’s a feeling that overwhelms me year after a year. Do u recall the excitement we felt as kids each time we got something new.. that’s exactly what I feel the very days before/ during Ramadan. I won’t trade this feeling.. Not 4 the world. I feel like life gets started n every part of me.. it’s kinda like having new heart, brain, lungs, cells.. lol
Ramadan renews me n every sense of a word. I thank Allah 4 such a gift.
! ❤ U Allll


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