To My Prof.

28 Jul

I’ve heard today that our dear Professor had an accident. I just want to tell her how special she is to us..

Here’s is a true –one-time, money back guaranteed magic pills that can erase pain and draw a smile. It’s a way to tell our dear Professor how very special she is.. She had an accident but I’m quite sure she will watch this someday soon.. Let’s pray for her safety..

Dear Prof. Marcia,
I’ve heard the awful news today in the University & I feel so incredibly sorry about what happened. I’ll continue praying for you safety till the day you come back in sha’a Allah.
I looked all over for what may help in this situation. I got something interesting: a most underrated magic pill in the history of medicine. Try one of them on the link:
I have all the respect and love in the world for you Professor.. you mean a lot for all your students. May God bless your heart and protect you for your loved and loving ones, Amen.


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