The Day I Met Nobel Laureates

29 Jul

Today, I met Nobel Laureates,,
Three of them,,
1) Prof. Louis Ignarro (American pharmacologist) (He’s super hilarious,, u can’t imagine:))
2) Prof. Tim Hunt (English biochemist) (Seems he likes Literature too as I do).
3) The discovery of the third one has been hailed by fellow Nobel laureates as the greatest single scientific achievement of the 20th century..

His name has “joined Darwin and Copernicus among the immortals”

He is considered as “the godfather of DNA”
It’s Prof. James Watson, 79, stands alone after the departure of his partener Dr. Crick.  The pair’s discovery of the structure of DNA, in 1953, has made a turning point in differnt feilds of science..

I cant tell how affected I am at the moment,, since i got back from the College of Midicine I feel like a thousand thoughts spinning in my head. God.. guide me & give me strength 2 fulfill my worthy chasing dreams..
Plz God
Momy’s words still linger n my head: “u’ll reach whatever u r looking 4, sooner or later..
just remember: have faith
Momy, I promise I’ll b the change that I’ve always dreamt 2 b.. the world will b my witness.. Great Allah, help me through..

Gotta do it 🙂


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