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Typical Story!

22 Aug

I composed the poem late at night yesterday.. I think i shoud edit it again.. For the meantime, enjoy reading and tell me what do u think..

Gotta a tale to tell,
Of one lonely boy
Living down the hill..
Sometimes he just sits
Playing an old guitar,
Or watching sunset!
Oh what a lonely boy he is!
Once, he sat for an hour
All by his own,
Painting a flower
Without thorns..
In his way back,
A girl hath passed..
He stopped, so she did..
He gazed and knelt
She smiled.. He melts
And that was all of it!
He felt like saying something,
He just couldn’t.
He wanted to spell it out,
It just wouldn’t.
So to his place he went
Wrote down every word he meant..
A year hath passed….
And that letter was never sent!
In two thousand and nine
He thought he is already fine,
Out of the blue, she came out..
He couldn’t believe what’s what!
But he thought to himself:
“This should come to an end”
Hence, he stepped forward
Stood like in self-defense,
He said words and words
Plenty of them!!
But to be honest,
He’d never regret what he said
He regrets what he didn’t!


باكستــــــــــــــــان تبكــــــــــــــــــــي

17 Aug

و أنا أبكي معك..

ربي فرج مصيبتهم
و أزل همهم
و لم شملهم
و عوضهم في موتاهم صبرا و إيمانا
و أعنا نحن
على شكر نعمتك
و حسن التأمل في عطاياك
ربي فرج على كل مسلم “أقولها بأصدق ماأقدر”

You Are a Divine Blessing :)

16 Aug

“O my Lord! So order me that I may be grateful for thy favors, which thou hast bestowed on me” (Holy Quran. 27:19)

Dear Soso,
Thanks 4 ur Ramadan greeting, 4 sharing nice stories, turning my days pink, making my Ramadan absolutely special, and 4 being such a wonderful part of my everything..

May Allah grace u with his blessings, love, and protection this Ramadan and all lifetime..