10 Aug

Pardon my utter silence, I got all world’s reasons..

Got a q. for u,, a gd one:
Have u ever been caught in the middle between two very extremes?! Oh yea, that’s me right @ the moment.. i know all human beings r in one boat,  all having echoing challenges, worries and dreams; but what I’ve been through was really one of a kind!! (nt n a gd way)   

        I’m aware of the nature and reality of things. I’ve enjoyed 4 so long sharing experience and life stories, all my ppl r much older than me, read most of all greatest works of literature, yet I know deep inside 1 thin: what’s going on z really serendipitous.. this whole game z serendipity..

         I know u’ll start preaching me as u always do 🙂 save ur efforts buddy.. I memorize all those lectures by heart.. let me 4 once get mad @ the world as much as I want.. i don’t wanna do the damn right things any more.. being adult sucks.. i wanna know how gd it feels acting like careless.. i wanna do sth incredibly stupid.. love stupidity.. I’m utterly, amazingly, unbelievably, in love with it. Yeaa.. It’s  pure, spontaneous, and above all fun.. if u really cares about me, let me do so..
         Regarding my trip, it was not 4 the sake of fun at all. What I thought a chance 2 b taken, turned 2 be a decision that I’ve 2 regret all my two thousand en nine.. I absolutely did nothing there, nor learnt one thing.. thank God any ways,, I really had enough sleeping nd shopping 🙂

I don’t have a clue 4 why I’m writing u such awkward letters every now and then
I just know they let me feel pretty fine.. odd, yeah, but pure and sweet
Now listen, u got 2 set one of ur videos free..
If u r not sure about it, send me a sketch and I’ll write u accordingly or put my touches f u don’t mind.. The best way 2 get sth u hate 2 be done: do it with someone..
Say hi 2 ur new mac
Be safe.. ☺


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