How does it feel being torned apart!

11 Aug


All human race’s crises stem from having an ‘either-or situation’ all the way long. All what we got n life is a consequence of this minute kills, brings tears, holds you up or crushes u down, and sometimes it revives and constructs IF we tried the right, wise, supreme decisions 🙂 (who can tell f they r so?!)
BUT the situation gets totally reversed in my case, exactly the sharp opposite ..
Things turned 2 b ‘neither-nor’! 2 give up sth means 2 give up immediately another one.. whereas both r very dear 2 ur soul..
In short, it’s one of life’s most challenging set: school or life..
Don’t know what direction 2 head up… I’ve always believed that he pain of perplexity and wonder is even greater than the tragedy of the situation itself..

Hey, hey..I won’t b over-worried. I know it’s different, up normal may be, but this too shall go. Allah bestows man with strength and most of all, faith.. 4 that all I’m grateful. I’ve faith in myself, my sweet little things, and all good ppl around me..
I’ll B f9, u’ll B too
We will B all so fine @ the end, if not;
then it’s not the end yet 🙂
Smiling is the easiest, fastest, nd best make up tool u may ever have, Keep as such 🙂


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