Gum-Gum Rap

12 Nov

I got this recently from a rapper..
I think it’s super cool, that’s why I thought about sharing it with everybody

Like any supreme form of art, this piece truely reflects a phase of one’s life..  U can watch through it a whole dimensional processes of loss,quesioning, determination, and getting back to top again with a 3D display resoultion. This is wt I like about it. 


I don’t own the piece.  No copyright infringement intended. I only allowed myself to censor some words in the text.  All copyrights belongs 2 the young rapper.. (I didn’t ask his permission though.. but I will, after publishing it)

yo it’s Saad,the one when gets mad acts really bad cuz he gets outta his my mind but in fact he’s really kind
I really don’t know where to start cuz I got a lotta sh** in my heart but lemme sp** the real part
I’m sorry for what I’ve done I know that sh** was big stun,I’m sorry for telling y’all I’m leaving and I know it may leave in your hearts greving but I can’t sit still and watch my life burning as hell,I gotta go outta this fake world and chill instead of going crazy and getting addicted on them sleeping pills
I changed and I became so goddamn strange,thank God!I finally opened my eyes and realized this sh** all lies,then I found that I’m so wise and it was really big surprise then I had to go up to the roof and threw my computer and it was the first proof to not going back to sh** like this again if I do I’ll be da** insane and I’m gon’ lose my brain
I’m a man of my word so I won’t back to something absurd
I have to get rid of skype,facbook and MSN,and go to school study and write with my pen then I may win and actually this ain’t got no sin
going online made me cry and wish to die but now I gotta say bye instead of hi
don’t try to ask me why I’m doing this cuz you already know the reason why
I’m sick of hearing bullsh** I gotta quit and admit that I can do something you will never reach you may think oh Saad’s flossing and tryna teach or give us a helpful speech but I’m tryna tell you the truth that I wanna clean out my life and make shining as a lil baby’s tooth
no way that I can believe what people say cuz I have God to guied me to the straight way and go to the mosque and make pray everyday
I’m the God’s slave and oneday I’ll be dead and buried in a grave
I gotta prepare for that day when my soul goes up in the air
I gotta be ready for them angels questions cuz you won’t be there to help me or gimme suggestions
I pray to God to wash away my sins and comfort me in Heaven with mom,dad,sisters,brothers and all people who wish me a good way of living

End of lyric.

Hope u enjoyed it as much as I did.



One Response to “Gum-Gum Rap”

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