Keep Your Head on Your Shoulders

31 Dec


There’s one thing that have always amazed me. Incredibly astonishing how a number of news about Saudi ppl turn to be big-bangs even by Saudis themselves. As if “good-4 nothing” is a trait to which anyone dealing with or writing about Saudi guys have to return, as if a touchstone, out-lasting time or experience.  

I’m done with an autobiography written by a Saudi guy and I have this to say:  

It is not a must to like sth in order to enjoy it. I didn’t like so many things there in the book, yet,  I enjoyed even the typos!! This is by far one of the most open, spontaneous, honest Arabic written-text I got across n my entire life.  It feels like being set n some1’s mind & moving freely to every room, every dark corner. It even occurred 2 me that an evil person published the diaries behind the owner’s back!!

With such kind of writings, authors loose courage 2 reveal themselves to the world & prefer instead to remain anonymous or hide behinde fake labels.. Such people are so pathetic..they just miss the whole point:

Writing is an act of courage..Take it or leave it

Ammmmm.. What else?!.. Oh what the author has been through in his life moved me to write the following  from within. Read it plz with wide eyes open>>>>>>

Honestly, ppl share more than they expect.. most of them got broken, fallen, failed, disappointed so many, many times.. we differ solely n the capacity 2 carry on, hailing speed, and inner faith. I’m not underestimating anyone’s experience, but focus on this: there’s still a long way 2 go, and what u’ve been through wasn’t the worst..

We got 2 b strong and work hard.. Cuz we have a reason, a strong one:

 (Our loved ones)

Everybody should be a bit of a fighter.. cuz things will never go your way always. U have to be prepared for some struggle and fight through.. If u don’t fight for it, then it means it is nothing to u. So, fight, fight, fight 🙂 Plus, always remember that what we have been through, make the new-strong version of us.

Haven’t u heard Celine Dion screaming: “Whenever u r touched with pain.. u’ll never be the same..bla bla bla”

So, keep a head on shoulder.. and go on 🙂


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