1 Jan

It’s 6:10 am, m awake, and writing this on bed. Good Morning!
My papers r ready.. but haven’t decide yet when to go…
Finding a better place to study in other than the University Lib. is such a hard thing here.. I remember I had a chit-chat about the same thing with my friend abroad just few days ago..

I honestly have no idea what conclusion this blog may have.. M just speaking my mind. Wanna know how a ‘spontanous blog’ look like and for once write an entry without the  “What shall I write about” question..

Still, m having a number of exciting stuff to do. My awesome brother managed to get my Youtube account back to me.. luv him so. M thinking about uploading one new clip that I had for a year or so. Plus, M gonna attend a 6 hours training course with a frind of mine. Hope things will b fine.

I enjoyed a two hours call with  my friend back in US. God! how I miss our sawalifs! I told her about my plan for the future.. I got her back. She has a way of turning every “top-serious stuff” into “not too serious” ones. When I tell her about stories I have been through, she can turn them into a comic movie (with some action). Lama is as awsome as a friend can be. M glad that school is going ok with her. She’s a brave girl mashallah..

I was worried so much about one specific thing. The moment I got the results on my hand, I was walking on air. It was like passing an exam. The bad thing is that I had to wait for my car more than one hour and it was 7 p. m. Since I had my school back-bag with me, I got everything out of it including my laptop and start working.. In Ladies Room, yea!

Still, I know m not doing my best in school. I had lots of fun rather than doing my homework actually.. I even watched movies and shows that I never watched in Summer times.. Speaking about shows, M really mad that “The Beautiful Life” is over. It’s has been only 6 episodes for God’s sake!! Akkkk.. I luv it & everyone does, so why did they stop the show then?!! In case u noticed, the heroine Sara Paxton looks exactly like Alexis Bledel or as fans say the Blondie version of her.. They unbelievably look alike.. LOL

I’d better watch out, so many things carry me away from school.. gotta get back to track.. Sigh, I can’t be good all the time. Any advice?!

I’m abit worried about something. But deep down I know Allah is the Most Merciful and He is watching.  M so much thankful for everything He bestewed. Luv my life 🙂

My Blog is growing amazingly fast these days.. Can’t wait to see the the three years old of her. That wouldn’t happen without the encouragement I had from my loved ones throughout the years and here I mean my family and close friends in real life.  I also get across a number of amzaing ppl whom I proud to know. They are so kind to provide me with blogging tips and moral support. Those ppl are: Miss Muneera Almutiri & Mr. Abdulrahman Alsaqqaf. Pay them a visit,, u won’t regret it:



Now, I think I’m done with this entry. wow

No, wo wo wo.. hold on

I still got sth to say  & I wanna say it in style.. Here u go:

Have a glimmery, shimmery, yammy, funny, happy Year

Make it your best 🙂

In case u noticed, this entry doesn’t carry a title.. Ya 7araaam



2 Responses to “”

  1. F28 September 30, 2011 at 9:54 pm #

    Ohhh, i came at the end of 2011 … 😦 too bad

    But i’m gonna say it any way,

    Happy new year to you too …

    1- “what shall i write about this time” is my model every time i wanna write sth, it’s so depressing when u don’t know what you wanna write about … So, it’s really good u talk free , and jump from sth to any thing …

    2- I Love Alixes … “Gilmore Girls” , ohhh that show is one of my favs, the way she talks makes my mouth open, and so many things go inside and out hhhhh, sorry ..
    She’s awesome , and i think Paxton is not like her, Alixes is simple in everything ..

    3- don’t try to be good at all the time, if i knew sth about u from ur blog, is that u can do anything with ur head on it, so just crack whatever a situation comes infront of u, and u’ll be just fine Zina .. ^_^

    4- I know Munira, her blog is cool, and she helped me too fetting start my blog, she’s a wounderful person..

    That’s it ..

    • girltalksloud October 1, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

      Thnx, i can’t believe it has been a year..
      1) There’s no logic 2 my randomness.. bear with me l0l
      2) U’ll love Material Life once u watched it.. though It’s a bit girly..
      3) I don’t always get what i want 😦 but m happy
      4) Sure she is.. She got a talent mashalla..
      Loved ur tweet-comment though 🙂
      Have a wonderful day

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