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Shout Out

28 Mar

Someone has been smurfing around the world for years and years

Now, he’s Back Home in one piece 🙂

                   %\            %\
                  %% \          %% \
                 %%   \        %%   \
                %%%    \      %%%    \
               %%%      \    %%%      \
              %%%%       \  %%%%       \
             %%%%         \%%%%         \
            %%%%%         %%%%%          \
           %%%%%       .-%%%%%,---------------.
                     .'.'     |  Welcome to   |
                  .-' /       | Saudi Arabia  |
              _.-'   :        `-------++------'
         .--'"       `.               ||
       ,'              `-._           ||     Glad u made it
      :                    `--..._____||_______ 2 my Blog

Pardon me,, I can’t find the words

Welcome Back Home



“Be Nice”

27 Mar

I can’t get more serious than I am now, that’s y m telling ya this:

If there is one thing that m so quite sure of, it is being nice..

When manners vanishes away.. when friction runs so high.. u start 2 think ”wt the hell!” etc BUT HOLD ON.. Being nice is the only thing that I guarantee you will NOT regret ever.. At one moment u’ll realize how right u were, sooner or later..

If there were last ten things i should tell my kids or students, “be nice” would definitely be one of them!

If there were one thing that i could say to all presidents of the world and ppl in charge it would be: Plz be nice.

If I had 2 have a permanent textual tattoo, it wd be as follows: “Be Nice!” with a tribal vine butterfly hahaha

If there were rockets going off close 2 my head, i would wave above saying: can’t u be nice!

If there were no online social life, I would make sure 2 tell everyone I meet: “be nice!”

If there were a moment when all the world can hear me at once, i would definitely scream out: B nice, damn it!!!

This being said, i can hear birds starting 2 chirp outside now.. Zaina screwed her sleeping schedule again

Be nice to yourself

Spread the word, and make it nice 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


How to Leave Someone in Shock Successfully

14 Mar


Plz notice that this entry is purely sarcastic.. I would never recommend such a thing whatsoever,, Cuz we’re all human, and should react accordingly.

This post is based on my observation of immature or contemptible jerks out there. I did the editing thing only. Entry Time:

If you want to put someone in shock, it is pretty easy task. If you’re loved and trusted, breaking someone’s heart takes very little effort to be done. Living with yourself after a betrayal is another story--but to break someone into pieces, all you need is to have access to one.

Here’s how to cause pain and suffering to people who’d do anything for you. Read on to learn how to shock your close people.
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Step 1
Get close to the person you want to cause pain. Establish a bond and trust, whether you love them or not. The important thing is to make that the person loves you.

Step 2
Find out what makes the person got hurt. Look for her or his points of weakeness. If s/he evaluates emotional stuff then shoot her or him in his emotions. If s/he evaluates material stuff more, then focus on that.

Step 3
Do your plan at a moment when the other person is feeling happy and good. This will cause the greatest pain. You can choose it to be “accidentally” happened.

Step 4
It would be even greater if you’d be able to accomplish your plan in a perfect timing, for example, when the other person is in extremely unfortunate circumstances; when s/he is sick, sad, alone.. or at the time s/he needs you or misses you the most.

Step 5
Try to avoid feeling guilt for accomplishing your shocking plan. You have just done something cruel and unethical, so guilt is normal–but if you want to get good at breaking people’s hearts, you have to get past the fact that you just devastated someone who adored you.

Just follow those instructions to be a successful heart breaker and to leave some one in real shock.

Have a good luck in breaking ur loved ones’ hearts and wait for ur turn 🙂