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“I Know that He Exists”

27 Sep

(Edited on 29th of December, 2011)

Many Hiiiz

These lines were written months and months ago in the University liberary when I’m supposed to study for my exam..  I was holding one Volume of Emily Dickinson’s poetry..The book was opened to page 365.. a poem entitled  “I Know that He Exists”.. my iPod was playing “Ebony & Ivory, living in perfect harmony…..”

I think u got the idea by now.. It’s the world  conspiring  against me that day

Here what I came up with.. enjoy:

I love him so,

He loves me more..

I only send him sms,

He always pays me a call..

& when I insist to do the dishes..

He insists 2 do the floor..



There’s a slight problem yet,

My love doesn’t exist..

He is still nameless..

I got no pics of him

& I dono’t know his address..


I have no great cause

To give up on him yet,

It is just that

a matter of “wa8et”

End of poem

I can’t believe I published this.. God!!


I’m Moving

15 Sep
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Need a Push

14 Sep

A moment of truth:

Wholeheartedly thnx Mom & Dad.. u both have done a gr8 job n motivating me along the way

But 2 b honest with u guys at certain times of my life, no one has ever affected me soul and mind as much as a 2 minutes clip.. I already know there are plenty of precious speeches, memorable lectures and great quotes 4 great men along the history.. but to me, this clip has been a life-changing.. a mile stone that i always go back to.. I played it on and on and on..  It’s only a cartoon, but it helped like no one did.  What m talking about is Mulan’s Decision Scene. I laughed at it now of course, but i will never 4get how much i owe it.. Check it out:

I remember feeling urgent need 2 watch it then jump in 2 study 4 exams aiming at nothing but the highest scores, to write a complain letter, to do sth m afraid of,, to have my say, 2 keep sleeping away,, and many many other things..And if u guys r interested, there’s a movie adapting the same Mulan’s story with real actors starring by none but the gorgous Zhang Ziyi:

If u think it’s a bit rediciolus 2 watch such movies, or feel unrelated to; here’s one worth-watching Chinese movie.. One of  my fav. of all times, directed by my fav. chinese director; Zhang Yimou, starring my fav. chinese actress Zhang Ziyi. It’s not only a simple, captivating love story that anyone can relate to, but one skillful reflection of  long shadows of economic, political , and humanistic portrayal of  China at that era.

In my humble opinion, it’s one of the most memorable love stories of all times. I don’t wanna make a joke out of myself, but honestly speaking guys i can barely remember a movie where i felt like laughing and crying at once..  u can only laugh at how perfect Zhang mimicks the walk, the pose, the spontaneous acts of the simple village girl…Even the way she falls in love and how she reacted back is so childish and hilarious.. Just few moments later she shows a love that is so sincere,, so deep,, sth beyond words.. Ah, i still remember the scene of the falling vintage dish.. I struggled so hard many drops rolling down till my chin.. Ah i can’t say more.. why don’t u watch the trial 2 have a bird’s eye view of what m talking about.. Here u go:

Now, the  biggest irony of all is that u won’t hear one single “i love u” sentence throughout the whole movie, yet i know a girl who cried her eyes out watching it..

I don’t know where I’ve heard that the greatest love stories are those never told.. This movie tells the whole story with the least words u can imagine..

I’m not n love and i know many ppl among us don’t have a dear beloved or a love story 2 be told,,, watching this re-assure me that He exists..

U should believe that too 🙂