2 Sep

Hello Lovelies,

Missed Ya 🙂

I stumbled into sth that is definitely worth sharing with u guys.. Thnx 4 the one who let me know about it ❤

U have no idea how “that thing” can do 🙂 It lefts me up so high & literally transfers me 2 a totally different mood..I hope it could do the same to u..

Let’s check it out but b4 that try 2 feel the music AND guess the title of the track.

Ready when u are:

I’m in love with this track not only cuz it carries my name (lucky me) but the track is so enchantingly beautiful..

It so “zainish” and Oriental.. fair enough to blow my mind..

The “Zaina” track is composed by an awesome musician  called Zade Dirani. Yea he is an Arab, born in Amman, Jordan to an architect father and mother who enjoys painting and music.

I digged so deep in his life.. trying to figure out his life-track.. what power motivates him to pursue his dreams that way.. Man! u have no idea what i found!! This guy was leading concerts before he is even twenty!!  There’s not so much about him in the press but I stumbled during my search into an amazing interview. I’ll just quote to u the following:

“When I close my eyes and start playing the pianoI immediately travel back to the beautiful rolling hills and winding narrow roads that journey down to the Jordan River and then up to Jerusalem.  When I was a boy living in Jordan, that place was my earliest inspiration. Today it is the image of what peace represents to me, and is part of everything I do.”

He is so much into creating a better understanding of Muslims and the Culture of the East that the “terrorists have hijacked.” In his continued pursuit he launched a non profit organization 4 young musicians called “The ZADE Foundation for International Peace and Understanding. The main aim as Zade sums it up is  to “provide a safe environment built on justice and mutual respect where our children can grow together as members of one human family.”

This little fellow began composing music for piano and orchestra at the age of 16. Just three years later his dream became true during his first public concert debut accompanied by the National Music Conservatory Symphony Orchestra at the ancient Citadel and site of the Temple of Hercules in Amman. He takes his passion so seriously that he decided to fly half the earth through to U.S and pursued music study at Santa Clara University and Berklee College of Music where he majored in music composition as well as music business and management.

He spends his live wondering the world, dedicating himself to spread a message of peace and tolerance.. What a lucky man! His job is his passion.. He never settle, always on the road, enjoying what he is doing, getting paid for doing what he loves, never had a family.. That’s what I call living a life

One last thing (and let’s keep it between us plz) the Symphony Orchestra decided to name the track “ZAINA”  after me  😉

Salut ❤


4 Responses to “Zaina”

  1. Saud Al Beshr September 15, 2011 at 7:11 am #

    “When I close my eyes and start playing the pianoI immediately travel back to the beautiful rolling hills …..”
    I’m glad to know ” zainish” . sure i’ll be big fan 🙂

    • girltalksloud September 15, 2011 at 11:49 am #

      So do I.. I’m so glad I stumbled into ur blog through Mrs. Badryah Albeshr..
      Btw, do u guys know each other?!

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