Brand New Start

6 Sep

Today is day (1) at work..

New position, new place, new staff and system

M not gonna lie here, but i was a bit worried and afraid yesterday..

I slept while thinking “i’d better do my hair so early, gotta have imp copies just n case, gotta pick up the perfect shoes, gotta decide right now about the hand bag, wt perfume 2 wear, gotta call Miss Q and others, gotta…………. breath, breath, breath

I woke up 10minutes b4 the clock alram (set on 6:30 am take off @ 8 LOL)

I prayed Fajer and Tho7a 2gether (spare me the preaching) .. let sun screen do its work while straining my hair

Catty wakes up @ 7 a.m so i went by my own downstairs, came up with new recipe: i added 7 fresh dates to my juice.. that way the dates flaver disappear totally with the green apple, red muscat grapes, 2 pears and half peach

I don’t know f m the only one but i noticed i don’t get too picky about wt i drink or eat when i’m outside… my mind just get so focused on the walking or do the talking with someone, till m done with what i have n hand 🙂

Btw, i barely drink steamed coffee, so my baby juice can sit n every mug it likes.. I have over 30 of them 🙂

I wrapped up so fast cuz it approced 8 am.. so i ended up with a white tee, midi channel black skirt and black B.B tailored blazer.. (i always start 2 dress up based on the shoe i picked)  So, shoes-wise, i picked up my almost 3 years old Xanax black pumps.. we’re close friends now lol.. it looks v. formal.. typical 4 my interviews and lecturing.. Meet my French pumps:

I accompanied that all with a LV Winter/Fall collection bag..  4 the accesories, nothing much, pearl ear-rings and my gold rose watch, my everyday hand bracelts, a golden Moschito knlet on the other.. oh and one Cartier ring i kept n my left index, .. i kept my ear tragus piercing empty.. that’s  pretty much it..

Make-up wise: clear mascara, creamy blush and matte lipstick topped with clear gloss..

It’s been so good so far, I had the best welcome from chairman, Vice Dean, and staff but i kinda feel worried, i know it’s normal but i can’t help it..


Gotta finish my juice now b4 sweet vitamins run away with exposure to oxygen and light.. To hard work and glory.. Cheeeers



2 Responses to “Brand New Start”

  1. F28 September 28, 2011 at 11:12 am #

    oh, i remember my first interview, when i put my “Thoab & Shemag” on, and that’s pretty much it .. ^.^

    So, what happen in the interview ? did u get the job? and what was the job exactly ?

    <<< detective Conan ,, pleasure to meet u

  2. girltalksloud September 29, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

    Hello Detective,
    It went so smoothly /Of course I got it /it was a teaching-assistant position at college..

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