“I Know that He Exists”

27 Sep

(Edited on 29th of December, 2011)

Many Hiiiz

These lines were written months and months ago in the University liberary when I’m supposed to study for my exam..  I was holding one Volume of Emily Dickinson’s poetry..The book was opened to page 365.. a poem entitled  “I Know that He Exists”.. my iPod was playing “Ebony & Ivory, living in perfect harmony…..”

I think u got the idea by now.. It’s the world  conspiring  against me that day

Here what I came up with.. enjoy:

I love him so,

He loves me more..

I only send him sms,

He always pays me a call..

& when I insist to do the dishes..

He insists 2 do the floor..



There’s a slight problem yet,

My love doesn’t exist..

He is still nameless..

I got no pics of him

& I dono’t know his address..


I have no great cause

To give up on him yet,

It is just that

a matter of “wa8et”

End of poem

I can’t believe I published this.. God!!


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