Bye Bye 2011

22 Dec

My dear blog,

I must say I missed you so. I’m currently in a state where it’s extremely imperative to document down this transitional phase of my life. Everything is in a process of becoming sth and I feel so excited and panic at once. I went through my email box and here what I got to remind myself what a good girl I can be sometimes 😛

Pic #1:

From my Prof.

Pic #2:

From my supervisor

Pics # 3:

From my students

Pic #4:

From my brother

And finally,

Pic # 5:

Thank Ya Allah for all the love, blessings, and grace you bestowed me with



One Response to “Bye Bye 2011”

  1. F28 January 7, 2012 at 7:56 am #

    الله يوفقك دنيا واخره

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