You’ll be ok

16 Jan

People keep saying ‘love is the sweetest feeling ever’.. 

They are so disillusioned cuz it can be the hardest thing ever..

We keep saying ‘treat everyday as yr last.’

what if that day spare u all the tragedy that you can imagine..


When in love, you  look no further than yr footsteps..

Forget all about the consequences of the present moment.

That is how you got so badly hurt.

And we keep saying: ‘live the moment!!!’


We talk about trust, dignity, love, and so many other things

We can’t realize how pathetic and miserable you are

cuz there ain’t things as ultimate trust and love.

Those whom u loved the most, can be the worst evil ppl.

Loving sum1 has nothing 2 do with who s/he really is..

It’s all about the way yr heart conducts u 2 feel.. 

U can be so badly deceived..


PPl say, remember the good, 4get the bad.

What if bitterness is the only thing u could feel when all it’s over and done.

What if recalling those memories is the reason u shed tears.

They become bad memories after all…

Such bad days and bad experience!


My very short direct advice to you: Don’t try love

Don’t allow others 2 love you or even tell you about it

Don’t care how they feel towards u.

Don’t use the word love.

Love is less good than you think.

Love can please u once and mistreat u many others.

Love will hurt you. Be careful when talking about it,

Let alone feeling it.


U can have love only in your heart,

but remember not to surrender that heart to anyone.

Loving someone can be too dangerous to your life.


One last whisper:

U’ll recall him/her at times..

Gonna feel like the pain can’t be bearable any more..

Each day, u’ll realize s/he is not yours anymore..

Which kinda double the pain….

At this point, cry if u need to…   

Then, rise up.. keep going…

u lost a human heart, respect, and love..

u got nothing else to lose…



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