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Zaina, Plz hold on

3 Feb

Tomorrow I’m going 2 work. I have been absent for a week now, in other words, I haven’t attend the 2nd semester yet which is pretty sick.

My life is going pretty rough esp. yesterday night, it was by far the hardest. I feel so much ache inside of my heart because of ppl I need to see, Mom is on the top of the list. I talked almost 4 three hours with my bestest friend. We didn’t plan for the call at all but I don’t know she always pumps out when I need her the most. I have no doubt that she is a God-sent and I always tell her so.

I know it will be such awhile b4 we can get in touch if we ever had the chance aslan. She will get engaged in March and married soon and I’m so selfish cuz I can’t imagine my life without her. She is like a dear sister, a soul-mate.

I wish and pray from the bottom of my heart for her happiness.. I feel so much related to her, so I kept thinking if get this thing done, may be I will too 🙂
Still, talking about her brings tears to my eyes just like now. Allah ywafegha, Amen..