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8 Years

24 Jun

I was so, so moved by a kind-hearted friend’s story. I know her so well and I witnessed this story first hand.

So here it is my dearest: A poem about eight damn years.” Read, enjoy, feel free 2 share (as long as u give the blog a proper credit)

BUT plz don’t fall for the same mistake…


Eight Years”

I waited under a tree,

One whole year…

I saw people passing by,

Lovers and friends…

I saw trees getting high,

And houses were built…

I never once questioned:

If my waiting meant a thing!

* * *

He said: “I’m coming at Spring,

Wait by the next tree”

He said so many things,

Loving you” was none of these…

I cut miles and miles,

Day and night on my feet,

Forgot what green looks like,

And how good it feels the breeze…

He was the only thing I hear,

The only one I see….


* * *


I waited eight years

Eight years of tears!!

I promised I ain’t moving

By all damn means…

I chopped my ring finger

So did to my feet..

My eyes kept bleeding…

My heart begged: please!!

I started then to question:

Is that what love is!!


* * *


All my wounds are healed,

All my sorrows are gone,

Nothings else to fear,

No place else to run,

I waited you for eight years

I’ll hate you for a thousand ones..

* * *

Done composing at 7:38 a.m 

15, August 2012