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I did it!

2 Aug

Well, the girl is back again 🙂

I never thought of the day when i will be posting this.. but here I am.. flipping through the old pages.. charging my laptop for the first time in months.. after many failing attempts of signing in to my dear old blog.. It is late at night.. had a giant chunk of ice cream.. sitting on my bed, well “our” bed cuz someone else is sleeping next to me 🙂

Yes I did it.. like the rest of our race: I got married 🙂 I’m finally convinced to share my life with someone who is truly loyal and loving. I like his mind and kind heart (99% of the time) cuz u know we women like to drive men nuts and have to find sth to get upset about it.


well, well, well.. I’m happy that I am back.. happy to let it out again.. I am blessed.