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Bye Bye 2011

22 Dec

My dear blog,

I must say I missed you so. I’m currently in a state where it’s extremely imperative to document down this transitional phase of my life. Everything is in a process of becoming sth and I feel so excited and panic at once. I went through my email box and here what I got to remind myself what a good girl I can be sometimes 😛

Pic #1:

From my Prof.

Pic #2:

From my supervisor

Pics # 3:

From my students

Pic #4:

From my brother

And finally,

Pic # 5:

Thank Ya Allah for all the love, blessings, and grace you bestowed me with




15 Nov

Hi Folks, howdy?!
Today I got sth like Tweet-Blog ♫ ♪ ♫ cuz I absolutely got no time for one whole blog.  Let’s get started: 

Seems I can’t stick to any structured schedule set up each day.. I wrote it down, post it on my mirror (where I sit long enough), map out a list of rewards and consequences too, try 2 remove all electronic distractions….. no use!! M losin’ it man! I read about how to get work done MORE than actually getting it done..
-P.S: Studying with some1 else is not always a cool thing, cuz of course, there is more going on than just work.

M going through Paper-Hill experience..m battling nightly over this paper for no less than FOUR WEEKs (Walla not kiddin’ u can ask my freinds) just still fighting over 2 get it done.. it’s just wouldn’t..
God m so ashamed of myself 4 that..

Droping out the course: A friend suggest that 4 me.. Some1 else said: ” f you can’t take the heat, get out of the —-‘ kitchen.” Oh, okay but this option is an Aww 4 me.. cuz it’s just make u suffer longer. I tried it b4 and m not willing to go through it ever again.

M n luv with 2NE1… they’re doin’ a gd job when it comes 2 lyric, vocals, or performance. They got a bunch of clip trutorials u’d better check them out.. I guess they really fit to be my obsession 4 the next week.

I got a bunch of new mac family: New Macbook Air, Macbook Air SuperDrive, nd a Nano. Sad that mine doesn’t have a lit keyboard like the old ones.. m so pissed.. I shall do a review on that may b n the blog or my you tube channel cuz m too lazy 2 write these days.

I have some1 to thank.. I just don’t know how.. I’m so shy 2 say it right away. That’s Y I decided to do the thanks n my own way so I make sure that 1) the surprise is really a surprise 2) bright someone’s day.


 Ya Raab, all of U would have a wonderful Eid even if away from home, even with tons of assignments and undone tasks, even if u don’t have an appetite to celebrate, even if u r missing some1 so badly.. Ur Eid will B just fine cuz U r some1 special.

-That being said, I gotta spread my wings.

Today is 3arafa Day, plz let’s share prayers to all Muslims; later and alive

Bless ya all


The Day I Met Nobel Laureates

29 Jul

Today, I met Nobel Laureates,,
Three of them,,
1) Prof. Louis Ignarro (American pharmacologist) (He’s super hilarious,, u can’t imagine:))
2) Prof. Tim Hunt (English biochemist) (Seems he likes Literature too as I do).
3) The discovery of the third one has been hailed by fellow Nobel laureates as the greatest single scientific achievement of the 20th century..

His name has “joined Darwin and Copernicus among the immortals”

He is considered as “the godfather of DNA”
It’s Prof. James Watson, 79, stands alone after the departure of his partener Dr. Crick.  The pair’s discovery of the structure of DNA, in 1953, has made a turning point in differnt feilds of science..

I cant tell how affected I am at the moment,, since i got back from the College of Midicine I feel like a thousand thoughts spinning in my head. God.. guide me & give me strength 2 fulfill my worthy chasing dreams..
Plz God
Momy’s words still linger n my head: “u’ll reach whatever u r looking 4, sooner or later..
just remember: have faith
Momy, I promise I’ll b the change that I’ve always dreamt 2 b.. the world will b my witness.. Great Allah, help me through..

Gotta do it 🙂