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Arranged Marriage

20 Oct

Of all the varied topics we discussed as Saudi youth, regardless of their gender, education, region, or age; choosing the other half is always on the table.  There’s sth going wrong and every1 is aware of it… And it is so sad to see the way some1’s life turned to after such a thing happened..

It’s a life-choice and y gotta do it urself..

Let the poem speaks for itself:


Pain, pain, pain

Got 5 shots into my brain..

Don’t wanna be a loner

Yet, don’t wanna b a part of

An arranged game!!


Let me stand & shout

With wide-open mouth:

Out, out, out..

U r not the One,

I have no doubt..


Don’t wanna have a lovely company

Hearing hilarious stories..

And having good times..

Don’t wanna live a love story,

If yours is not mine..


So tell me, till when, till when..

This crime is going on??

Deciding some1’s life & selecting the ends

Killing dreams of innocent girls & men

Calling looking 4 the better half a “trend”!!


I won’t lend my life 2 sum1 to make my own decision

I won’t lean 2 the norms, satisfy the society

And spend my life n pain and regret..

I won’t put my hands up & surrender..

I’ll wait and resist.. I’ll wait and persist..

Till the day u show up, then I confess..


Who said your Dad knows better than your heart does,

Your heart knows more than others do,

He knows whose hands interlock perfectly with yours

And so can navigate life through..

Ur heart knows a lot, and u let that heart to go!!


Thanks a ton for reading..

Have a good day/life



Typical Story!

22 Aug

I composed the poem late at night yesterday.. I think i shoud edit it again.. For the meantime, enjoy reading and tell me what do u think..

Gotta a tale to tell,
Of one lonely boy
Living down the hill..
Sometimes he just sits
Playing an old guitar,
Or watching sunset!
Oh what a lonely boy he is!
Once, he sat for an hour
All by his own,
Painting a flower
Without thorns..
In his way back,
A girl hath passed..
He stopped, so she did..
He gazed and knelt
She smiled.. He melts
And that was all of it!
He felt like saying something,
He just couldn’t.
He wanted to spell it out,
It just wouldn’t.
So to his place he went
Wrote down every word he meant..
A year hath passed….
And that letter was never sent!
In two thousand and nine
He thought he is already fine,
Out of the blue, she came out..
He couldn’t believe what’s what!
But he thought to himself:
“This should come to an end”
Hence, he stepped forward
Stood like in self-defense,
He said words and words
Plenty of them!!
But to be honest,
He’d never regret what he said
He regrets what he didn’t!

الأمير الشاعر بدر بن عبدالمحسن

2 Aug


  Just tuned 2 Riyadh English Broadcasting Service

On the following FM frequency:  97.70 MHz

Right @ the moment, it’s the “Arabian Shades” by the brilliant Lulu Boqshan

The most amazing thing is that the episode is all dedicated to the poetry of 2 Prince Bader Bin Abdulmohein. M writing this while m out and listening to the episode, so, 4give my typos and will write more when I get home 2night n shaa’ Allah

فكرت بإضافة للمقال.. مالقيت إلا تراجمي لأشعار البدر. لكن مثل كل مرة, مايعجبني شئ فأرجع اترجم نص جديد بشكل أقرب للإدمان هههههه. هاذي ترجمتي لخاتمة مؤثرة لأحد قصائدة.. الترجمة غييير شكل 🙂 استخدمت فيها أركايك ووردز و لهجة ماقبل القرن السابع عشر.. موجودة بكثير من أشعار شكسبير و معاصريه

حسيتها  أنسب لهجة لترجمة المقطع أكثر من اللهجة الموديرن الحالية

لأن الإستجداء واضح في هذا المقطع, الأمر الي يذكرني بالشعراء القدامى و وقوفهم على الشرفات ليلا بإستجداء رضا الحبيبة…

أترككم مع الترجمة..

..To thy eyes, get me back; Would thou kindly do

..Canst stand thee, verily, canst stand fellows

..Just get thee back thither, that shall perfectly do

..Shall do

..Shall do

و النص الأصلي الي لا يقارن بترجمتي نهائيا  في إبداعه. هو:

ردينــي لعـيونـك

أرجـــوك ردينــي..

مــابي أحــد..

 مـا بيــني!!

ابـي عيـونــك بـس

تكـــفيني ..

تكــفـــــــــــيني ..